Car Bumper Stickers Reinforce Public towards Company/Brand Offers


When our lifestyles are evolving at a rapid pace, our branding and promotional techniques cannot just lag behind. No doubt, many conventional media are still effective today, yet they are being used in innovative manner to grab the attention of dynamic modern man. When several products find their way straight to mainstream print and electronic media, many offers are reinforced better by peripheral means like car vinyl bumper stickers and window decals. After all, jam packed traffic is the most common sight of a metropolitan.

Advancement in print technology has opened a new arena of advertising. Custom designed vinyl stickers are being installed almost everywhere for brand promotions - vehicles being no exception. Full color prints and startling designs have enormously increased the demand of vinyl banners and decals lately. With runny traffic occupying roads twenty-four hours a day, car vinyl bumper stickers and window decals make the most looked-at sights at present.

Marketing and advertising is all about making maximum people get to know your brand. With a car vinyl bumper sticker once installed, one can transform one's vehicle into a running advertising tool with every passerby eyeing the sticker consciously or unconsciously. These stickers, if not good for introducing company's offers to the customers, do a good job in reinforcing them along with parallel campaigns.

Many people question the durability of car vinyl bumper stickers. After all, one does not want a torn or partially glued sticker hanging off one's car bumper. Vinyl itself is a tough and weather resistant material that comes with a lustrous protective coating. Custom designed vinyl stickers and banners are very long lasting and normally one does not need to get them re-printed unless one wants to make some innovations in the print. Vinyl stickers have acrylic adhesive glue on their back surface that affixes them on the given surface. These adhesives come in varying degree of toughness. Many good quality stickers have a permanent adhesive that lasts very long and is resistant to wear and tear by weather. Toughness and durability of vinyl stickers make them ideal for permanent or long term use.

Applying car vinyl bumper stickers is not a rocket science; neither does it require a professional to do the job. Anyone can install a bumper sticker with a little concentration. Before applying the sticker, one has to make sure the bumper is clean and dry. Dirt, dust and debris on the surface can reduce the adhesive capacity of the sticker and the sticker will not be applied smoothly. A clean, well painted and polished surface is ideal for a vinyl sticker. Secondly, before exposing the adhesive side of the sticker, one must carefully map its position on the surface where it has to be applied. Ideally, you may mark the spot on the bumper so that it does not get stuck out of place.

Generally, vinyl stickers are meant to be permanently installed. It does not, however mean that once installed, your car vinyl bumper stickers have become a permanent feature if your vehicle. If you want to replace the sticker a few years down the road, you certainly can do it. Though removing a vinyl sticker is not easy, one can do it with a little patience and technical knowhow. Best way to remove a vinyl sticker from car bumper without damaging its paint is to use a blow dryer. Heating and drying the sticker gradually will loosen the bonds of the adhesive glue and one can peel the sticker off with hands or a plastic spatula. If it leaves behind some residue, use dryer again to peel it off the surface. One can also rub the surface clean with some alcohol.

Like every other promotional material, car vinyl bumper stickers need to be creatively designed. Always remember this medium is a good reinforcement tool, not an information rich medium. You cannot make your car bumper look like your corporate brochure. A bumper sticker is a short and eye catchy yet tiny window to your product or service. It could be as short as your logo or at the maximum a small phrase or a sentence that reflects your corporate identity.

Increasing demand of vinyl products has made vinyl printing a lucrative business. Many companies are dealing in custom designed vinyl products. Before getting car vinyl bumper stickers printed, one can search for the samples of different companies online and read the reviews of the customers in order to settle for the best service providers in the town.